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SteelCloud Named Amongst ‘Top 10 Endpoint Security Solution Providers

“We take pride in honoring SteelCloud as one among the 10 companies that are featured in the Endpoint Security Solution Special Edition,” said Russell Thomas, Managing Editor of Enterprise Security Magazine. “To accelerate the accreditation of new applications and to automate the security sustainment of deployed infrastructure, SteelCloud develops technology for automated remediation of endpoints to the DISA STIGs and/or the CIS Security Benchmarks.”

SteelCloud empowers large commercial enterprises, DoD/government customers, and systems integrators/consultants with automated policy compliance solutions. SteelCloud software ensures that security controls are easily hardened around each customer application stack, thereby building the strong foundation for a secure environment. In production, the SteelCloud software is used to eliminate drift and keep workstations and servers in compliance with industry benchmarks and organizational mandates. The result is faster implementation and higher systems availability.

While federal IT security teams must comply with the technical testing and hardening framework represented

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New solution lets Microsoft Endpoint manage enterprise iPhones

While it’s widely known that Apple is enjoying growing use across the enterprise, it’s also true that employee choice means most businesses must support multiple platforms. Now a new solution promises to make that task a little easier.

Managing hybrid environments with Azure

Jamf is currently previewing its new iOS Device Compliance solution and expects to introduce it later this year. What does it do?

Microsoft corporate VP, Brad Anderson explains:

“Trends like employee technology choice programs and the consumerization of IT continue to grow, and organizations need management tools that can adapt and shift to hybrid environments.”

That’s what this solution provides.

It lets IT teams “consolidate management of employee devices, while not losing the ability to provide key ecosystem-specific functionality,” he said.

iOS Device Compliance makes use of Microsoft Endpoint Manager, which can see things like compliance status and device information that relates to the Apple systems.


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