The Impact of Emotionally Intelligent Technology on Human Performance

Why is emotional intelligence technology important?

Technology has advanced our day-to-day lives with everything from making it easier to connect with others, to help with simple repetitive tasks. Until now, however, technology has not been human-aware, meaning it has not taken human behavior into account when assisting and guiding individuals. By becoming human-aware, technology can help enhance our natural abilities and assist with new challenges.

For decades, technology has viewed and treated every person the same way. The impact of such technology can only be so deep when it does not recognize and adapt to the attributes that make us uniquely human. Emotional intelligence technology can interpret each person’s unique emotional make-up and provide support that best addresses a given person’s strengths and weaknesses. Supporting positive change in human behavior beyond the surface level requires a personalized approach.

Now, new human-aware technology can account for our differences and even makes

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