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Xbox Has Its Own Series X Twitter Hashtag Emoji Now

Part of the marketing and hype lead-up to any tech launch, now, is a bespoke Twitter hashtag emoji. And now, ahead of its November 10 launch, Xbox Series X has its own.

Microsoft has chosen a Series X over the cuter Series S for its emoji series, and the image will now be attached to several Twitter hashtags. In a Twitter thread, Xbox announced the following hashtags will carry an image of the powerful rectangular console:

  • #XboxSeriesX
  • #Xbox
  • #SeriesX
  • #PowerYourDreams
  • #PYD
  • #JumpIn
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Of course, in emoji form, the Series X is a tiny little thing–in real life, it’s quite large.

The PlayStation 5 has its own Twitter emoji too, and has for a while–it’s a little DualSense controller.

The Xbox Series X and Series S release worldwide on November 10–less than a month away. Here’s every launch title coming to the new Xbox, and GameSpot’s preorder guide for

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Apple’s new face mask emoji is now hiding a smile

Apple is turning the mask emoji frown upside down in an upcoming update to iOS.

shape: Apple's face mask emoji is getting an update in the next version of iOS.

© Emojipedia
Apple’s face mask emoji is getting an update in the next version of iOS.

The mask emoji has typically been used to represent someone who is in the medical field or is sick.


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However, with masks becoming ubiquitous due to the pandemic, Apple is changing the emoji’s look in the upcoming iOS 14.2 update so that it doesn’t look quite as sad, according to Emojipedia.

Directly comparing the mask emoji to Apple’s smiling face emoji, the similarity between the two are obvious. The new mask emoji is essentially the smiling face with a mask on. While it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is smiling, the emoji doesn’t look quite as cheerless as it does now.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment from CNN.

The mask emoji was

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iOS 14.2 beta 2 now available with dozens of new emoji characters

a row of parking lot: iOS 14.2 beta 2

© Provided by BGR
iOS 14.2 beta 2

  • Apple rolled out iOS 14.2 beta 2 and iPadOS 14.2 beta 2 for developers on Tuesday.
  • Now that public beta versions are rolling out as well, everyone with an iOS or iPadOS device can try the new software and all of the features that Apple is adding in the next update.
  • iOS 14 is a massive update packed with hundreds of new features that you can read about right here — some highlights include home screen widgets, new Compact UI features, an App Library with all of your installed apps, and the redesigned Messages app.

Apple started pushing out beta releases for iOS 14.2 almost immediately after iOS 14 rolled out to the public, but the latest update is by far the most exciting to date. At long last, Apple has brought new emoji characters that are part of the Unicode Consortium’s

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Minor emoji update for 2021 adds 200 skintone variants for couples

The Unicode Consortium has unveiled a relatively minor emoji update that would still add 217 options to your selection next year. Emoji 13.1 comes with seven brand new images: a heart on fire, a heart with bandages, a woman with beard, a gender-neutral person with beard, a face letting out an exasperated sigh, a face hidden in the clouds and a dizzy-looking face with spiral eyes. The rest is made up of new skintone grouping variants for the “couple with heart” and “couple kissing” emoji.

a screenshot of a cell phone: Emoji


While there are only seven new graphics coming in 2021, that’s still seven more than what could’ve been a year with no fresh ones. The Consortium had to push back its annual Unicode Standard release by six months due to COVID-19: Unicode 14.0, which was supposed to come out in March 2021, will now be released in September. As Emojipedia explains, that means operating

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