Tesla says embattled electric truck maker Nikola itself stole truck design

The electric truck wars are getting even more charged. In a court document filed this week, Tesla accused rival Nikola of stealing the design for Nikola’s electric truck from Croatian car company Rimac Automobili. 

Tesla made the claim in a filing responding to a lawsuit in which Nikola alleges that Tesla stole Nikola’s design of its electric truck— the Nikola One — for the Tesla Semi, which was unveiled in 2017.

Nikola introduced its electric truck in 2016. The Nikola One and the Tesla Semi resemble each other, sporting a curved windshield, bullet-like aerodynamic front and silver finish. Nikola is suing Tesla for $2 billion for infringing on its design, which Nikola claims it patented. Both companies are named after Nikola Tesla, whose technological inventions defined much of the 20th century.

Tesla’s lawsuit includes pictures of a number of electric trucks that came out before Nikola’s model.



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