3 key technology elements needed to accelerate a path to drug discovery

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted every facet of our society — how we work, live, learn, and play — and normalcy will not return until we find a proven vaccine. While multiple pharmaceutical and biotech companies have raced to develop a cure, a viable vaccine might still be a year out.

While we’re searching for a cure, the Covid-19 vaccine race has opened up a broader conversation about drug discovery and how we can leverage our technology resources to accelerate it. Covid-19 came on suddenly and without warning, and global epidemics are becoming more frequent, coinciding with factors like urbanization and climate change.

Technology companies have a role to help accelerate a path to discovery by providing pharmaceutical and biotech organizations with agile, cost-effective, and secure tools. Here are three ways modern technology can impact new roads to drug discovery.

Flexible cloud computing offerings to enable collaboration and flexibility

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