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Tips to Study Science & Technology Syllabus Effectively

UPSC: UPSC Civil Service aspirants often find themselves wheeling under the undefined yet vast syllabus of Science & Technology. In this article, we have provided a smart strategy to study Science & Technology syllabus which would also be helpful for non-science background aspirants.

UPSC (IAS) Prelims 2020: Tips to Study Science & Technology Syllabus Effectively

UPSC: Science & Technology is one of the tricky subjects included in the UPSC Civil Services Prelims and Mains syllabus. Most part of the syllabus is related to current events and discoveries while a small part deals with the basic terminology of science which can be covered reading the basic NCERTs. In this article, we have provided all the important methods and topics to study the Science and Technology syllabus which would also be helpful for aspirants from non-science backgrounds.  

UPSC (IAS) Prelims 2020: Subject-Wise Study Material for Preparation/ Revision

How to Study General Science

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How Firefighters Are Effectively Utilizing UAVs To Combat Wildfires

Tim Sheehy is the CEO and Founder of Ascent Vision Technologies (AVT) and Bridger Aerospace.

Somewhere around the world firefighters are gearing up to tackle a wildfire. To manage the rapid, unpredictable and destructive spread, firefighters are opting for sophisticated resources and innovative technology.

An example of the magnitude of wildfires is the Camp Fire, which broke out in Northern California in November 2018. This wildfire marked one of the United States’ deadliest wildfires on record. It engulfed 153,336 acres of land, destroyed 18,804 buildings and caused 85 fatalities. More recently, Australia was hit by a series of destructive bushfires that burned approximately 42 million acres of land. A total of 33 citizens died, including nine firefighters who risked their lives to tackle the blaze.

The scale and intensity of wildfires continue to amplify, threatening humans, wildlife, vital infrastructure and natural resources at unprecedented levels. Response and suppression methods

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