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Between relativistic and classical wave regimes, newly discovered memory effect alters the Doppler wave signature

Between relativistic and classical wave regimes, newly discovered memory effect alters the Doppler wave signature
Illustration of memory effects on wave–matter interaction. From Fig. 1, Kozlov et al., DOI: 10.1117/1.AP.2.5.056003

Wave scattering appears practically everywhere in everyday life—from conversations across rooms, to ocean waves breaking on a shore, from colorful sunsets, to radar waves reflecting from aircraft. Scattering phenomena also appear in realms as diverse as quantum mechanics and gravitation. According to Pavel Ginzburg, professor at Tel Aviv University’s School of Electrical Engineering, these phenomena become especially interesting when the waves in question encounter a moving object.

The everyday Doppler effect is familiar—witnessed as the audible shift in pitch that occurs, for example, as a fire engine’s siren approaches, passes, and recedes. The idea that the observed frequency of a wave depends on the relative speed of the source and the observer, a popularized aspect of Einstein’s theory of relativity, entails cosmic implications for the Doppler effect, particularly for light waves. Now, it appears that

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Spin Hall effect in Weyl semimetal for energy-efficient information technology

Spin Hall effect in Weyl semimetal for Energy-efficient Information Technology
Fig 1. A schematic presentation of spin Hall effect in Weyl semimetal 1T’ WTe2, showing the separation of spin-polarized electrons (up and down spin) on the surfaces of a sample by just passing a charge current. Credit: Bing Zhao

The discovery of topological Weyl semimetals in 2017 has revealed opportunities to realize several extraordinary physical phenomena in condensed matter physics. Now, researchers at Chalmers University of Technology have demonstrated the direct electrical detection of a large spin Hall effect in this topological quantum material. Weyl semimetal takes advantage of its strong spin-orbit coupling and novel topological spin-polarized electronic states in its band structure. These experimental findings can pave the way for the utilization of spin-orbit induced phenomena in developing next-generation of faster and energy-efficient information technology and have been published in the scientific journal Physical Review Research.

As our society is becoming more integrated with artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet-of-Things

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‘Mass Effect’ Making A Comeback? Listing Leak Suggests Franchise Return And Surprise Platform

BioWare’s beloved “Mass Effect” franchise has been firmly dormant since 2017’s “Mass Effect: Andromeda” left a bad taste in the mouths of most fans. Now, a retail listing may have just revealed the series’ return, and in a way that should excite longtime gamers.

In a since-deleted listing from Wednesday, the Portuguese retailer Gaming Replay appeared to reveal “Mass Effect Trilogy,” a collection of the first three games in the series, according to several outlets reports. The site listed the re-release for PS4, Xbox One, and unexpectedly, Nintendo Switch.

While not surprising from a technical perspective – as the Switch would be more than capable of handling these titles – it is unique to see the franchise return to Nintendo consoles, should the listing be true. The series only graced a Nintendo system once, when “Mass Effect 3” made its way to the Wii U in 2012.

The listing included

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Indonesia’s education minister on Covid’s effect on students’ learning

SINGAPORE — There’s not enough discussion globally about the coronavirus pandemic’s effect on students’ learning as schools are closed to prevent further spread of the virus, Indonesia’s Education Minister Nadiem Anwar Makarim told CNBC on Monday.

“A lot of people keep mentioning about the health crisis and about the economic crisis that’s caused by the pandemic but not enough people are talking about the educational crisis, the learning crisis that is happening all around the world, not just in Indonesia,” the minister told CNBC’s “Street Signs Asia.”

“So we really have to find the right balance between … the health crisis as well as the educational crisis as leaders,” he said ahead of the virtual Singapore Summit happening this week.

Students from a school in Surabaya, Indonesia’s East Java province, attend in-person lessons under strict health protocols during the coronavirus pandemic.

Budiono | Sijori images | Barcroft Media via Getty

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