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Japanese earthquake researched through Kabuki writings

It’s a tale of culture as much as science: At the time, people attributed earthquakes to Namazu-e, a massive catfish thought to live deep in the Earth. When the fish escaped the control of Kashima, the deity thought to prevent earthquakes, its thrashing shook the planet and triggered catastrophic quakes.

In the wake of the 1855 quake, artists created hundreds of prints depicting the catfish. But another artist left behind something more useful to modern seismologists. Nakamura Nazako III, a Kabuki actor, wrote about how he told women and children to calm down after hearing a strong rumble, then stood up. Afterward, the ground began shaking.

That clue was enough for the researchers to estimate the S-P interval, which helps scientists measure the distance of a location to the center of an earthquake. During an earthquake, different seismic waves arrive at different times. First, fast-moving P (primary) waves arrive, shaking

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OpenEEW Formed to Expedite Earthquake Warning Systems | Community

A new coalition is building a low-cost solution to save lives in earthquake-threatened regions, rather than garnishing a profit from a new early-warning system. OpenEEW is an open-source IoT project with the goal to save lives by reducing the cost of earthquake early-warning (EEW) systems and accelerating their deployments globally.

The Linux Foundation earlier this month announced that it will host the project’s developer — Grillo — in collaboration with IBM. The project includes the core components of the Grillo EEW system, comprised of integrated capabilities to sense, detect, and analyze earthquakes and alert communities.

Nearly one-third of the world’s population live in seismically-active regions. At risk is the safety and survival of approximately three billion people living in earthquake-prone areas without early-detection systems that could cost upwards of US$1 billion to put in place.

A Project for a Safer Future

OpenEEW was created by Grillo with support from IBM,

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