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The top 12 VC firms most actively investing in early-stage AI startups

  • Artificial intelligence is one of the buzziest technologies of the past 20 years. 
  • Since 2000, investors have poured roughly $407 billion into AI startups, per data from PitchBook. 
  • In that time frame, the top 12 VC firms most active in early-stage AI investing by deal count have collectively closed a total of 708 Series A and B rounds, according to the data analytics firm. 
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Over the past two decades, artificial intelligence has quickly become one of the most buzzy technologies. 

Giants like IBM have doubled-down on AI-backed offerings, while a rush of startups have emerged that are trying to use the tech to overhaul operations ranging from stocking shelves to supply chain negotiations.

Along with that has come a bonanza of venture capital funding that has created so-called unicorns like Indigo Ag, UiPath, and SenseTime. In the past 20 years, investors have poured

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Here are the mistakes to avoid in making an early-stage startup pitch

  • Frank Rotman, a founding partner at QED Investors and an early backer of Credit Karma, took to Twitter to share the four parts of a typical startup pitch, and the common mistakes that founders make in each part.
  • He urged founders to offer specifics around the business model and avoid leaning too heavily on the founder’s historical successes.
  • To capture a VC’s attention, and an investment, a startup needs to not only tell the story of what they are building and the total addressable market, but how they plan to build a a gigantic business, Rotman said on Twitter.
  • We’ve shared Rotman’s full tweet thread with his permission.
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Frank Rotman has heard enough startup pitches to know the rhythm of them.

“Every early stage startup pitch looks the same at a foundational level. This means that the analysis of every early stage startup

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