Edge of Tech: 3-D printed dwelling for affordable housing and habitats on Mars | Business

One of the fastest-moving tech trends today is in 3D-printed construction such as 3D-printed dwellings (let’s call them 3DDs). The 3DDs could solve everything from housing the homeless to habitats on Mars, and 3DDs are not just a cool concept, structures using this technology are popping up all over the world.

3D-printing construction’s roots

Exploring the possibilities of 3D printing for automated construction started in the ’90s using various forms of cement and ceramic paste. By the mid-2000s, 3D printing was used in several construction projects, including a five-story apartment building in China in 2015. In 2017, a 40-foot span pedestrian bridge was 3D-printed in Madrid, Spain. CLS Architetti and Arup, one of the world’s premier design and engineering firms, built a 3D-printed house prototype for the 2018 Milan Design Week event.

Arup recently partnered with MX3D, a Dutch startup, to 3D-print a fully functional stainless-steel bridge to be installed

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