I Sincerely Hope I’m Not Calling This Too Early, But Here’s the Dumbest Piece of Tech in 2020

We thought nothing could possibly be worse than shelling out increasingly more expensive premium-video-on-demand costs, as with recent releases like Trolls World Tour and Mulan. Well, how about paying per person for tickets to watch a movie from your own freaking living room?

This is evidently the concept proposed by startup Xcinex, whose Venue device would have viewers pay to access content by scanning the number of people watching and charging them a “ticketed entertainment” fee. Surely, you must be thinking, this is a scam. Reader, by all indications the streaming device is real — at least in the respect that it appears to be available for preorder for a real $US60 ($82).

In an interview with Deadline in June, the company’s founder and CEO Cihan Fuat Atkin said that while the product “doesn’t do facial recognition,” it does assure “that the number of people in the room

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