Knife block sanitizes utensils with UV light and a dryer for the high-tech home cook

The UV light should in theory help sanitize your knives and flatware • It has a clean look • It’s really simple to use

The cost might outweigh the potential benefit for many folks • It should work but there’s no real way to actually know

It’s a pretty neat product, but it might not be something for the average home cook.

It’s a safe assumption that we’re all a bit more careful about cleanliness and hygiene best practices, you know, considering the deadly, ongoing coronavirus pandemic. It makes sense people would want to keep their knives and kitchen gear cleaner than usual. 

Personally, I was once largely unconcerned with germs and getting sick. Crowded trains, eating food I dropped on the floor, grungy dive bars — hell, even flu season as a concept — none of it worried me. Nowadays, like most of us, I’m masked up, stocked with

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