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Apple dropped the price of its EarPods and iPhone power adapters by $10, after it said the iPhone 12 would not ship with these accessories

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Apple has dropped the price of its EarPods and iPhone wall chargers by $10, after it confirmed that the new iPhones it announced Tuesday would not ship with these accessories.


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Its EarPod headphones — a wired alternative to Apple’s Bluetooth AirPods — are now $19 on the Apple Store, a third less than the previous price. 

Its 20W power adapter, which lets you charge your phone at a plug socket, is also $19 — this is a new product, and down from $29 for the old adapter, which Apple has now discontinued.

Older iPhone models still on sale on the Apple Store, including the iPhone 11, XR, and SE, will also no longer ship with these accessories, the company said.

At its iPhone 12 announcement on Tuesday, the company said that shipping phones without these accessories would let it use

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UW researchers develop tiny sensors that can be dropped from moths, land safely and collect data

The University of Washington sensor system can ride on the back of an insect, such as this Manduca sexta moth. (University of Washington Photo / Mark Stone)

The same University of Washington team that brought us the beetle cam is now taking flight with moths, developing tiny sensors that can hitch a ride and be dropped into remote areas to collect data.

The sensors weigh just 98 milligrams, or one tenth the weight of a jellybean, and can be attached to a small drone or insect. When a researcher sends a Bluetooth command, the sensor is released and can fall to the ground from as high as 72 feet without breaking. It can then collect data such as temperature or humidity for almost three years, according to a report by UW News on Thursday.

Shyam Gollakota, a UW associate professor in the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science &

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Why Piedmont Lithium and CBAK Energy Technology Stocks Just Popped — But Lithium Americas Dropped

What happened

It’s looking like Tuesday’s stock market will be a confusing one for lithium battery investors, as stocks of all stripes move in differing directions despite little “new” news.

In 12:10 p.m. EDT trading, for instance, we see shares of Chinese lithium battery manufacturer CBAK Energy Technology (NASDAQ:CBAT) giving up an early 20% gain to settle down up just 2.1%. Things don’t get much clearer further up the supply chain, where Piedmont Lithium (NASDAQ:PLL) is up 22% and holding onto its gains, but Lithium Americas (NYSE:LAC) is losing 11.7%.

Let’s see if we can make some sense of this mess.

Red arrow swoops up and blue arrow swoops down.

Image source: Getty Images.

So what

We’ll begin with CBAK Energy, a small-cap maker of batteries in China that’s so under the radar that we haven’t written about it here at The Motley Fool even once — but that is getting some attention here in the wake of Tesla

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Apple has quietly dropped 22% from its peak, giving up $500 billion in market cap

Well, that was fast.

It took just 12 trading sessions for Apple to plunge more than 20% from its all-time high, shedding more than half a trillion in market capitalization.

The tech giant has plunged 22.6% from its intraday record high of $137.98 from Sept. 2, losing around $532 billion in market value. Apple’s fast and furious decline followed its massive run-up in August ahead of its 4-for-1 stock split, while the steep losses also came as Apple’s recent product event — its first in 2020 — didn’t live up to the hype.

The Tim Cook-led giant on Tuesday announced a bunch of new hardware and some updated software, including the Apple Watch Series 6, the iPad Air, a fitness service and service bundles called Apple One.

However, Apple did not announce any new iPhones. Also, the biggest thing missing from Apple One’s bundle that would make it much more

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Tesla Valuation Dropped $40 Billion In A Day. More To Come?

[9/8/2020] The Big Tesla Sell-Off

Tesla’s stock (NASDAQ: TSLA) fell 9% on Thursday to about $407, driven by a broader sell-off in technology and high-growth sectors. A sizable drop! For perspective, Tesla lost $38 billion in value in a single day – that’s more than Ford’s current market cap ($27 billion) and just below GM’s market cap ($42 billion). However, Tesla’s stock remains up by about 4.5x year-to-date, with a valuation of about $380 billion. That makes the company more valuable that Dow constituents such as Procter & Gamble ($344 Bil), JP Morgan Chase ($309 Bil), UnitedHealth Group ($301 Bil) as well as S&P 500 constituents Mastercard ($344 Bil), NVIDIA ($321 Bil). However, is Tesla fairly valued at

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Epic Games Asks Court To Reverse Fortnite App Store Ban, Says Daily Active iOS Users Have Dropped 60%


 Epic Games late Friday asked a judge to make Apple reinstate Fortnite on the App Store, arguing that daily active users have decreased by 60% since the massively popular game was removed.


Apple booted Fortnite from the App Store last month after Epic purposefully bypassed Apple’s mandatory fees as a form of protest against the tech giant.

Epic argues that Apple’s 30% commission from in-app purchases is anti-competitive because it forces developers to use Apple’s payments processing system, while also forcing companies to increase prices to cover the cost of the fee.

Epic is asking for a preliminary injunction to allow Fortnite back on the App Store without having to pay Apple’s fee while its larger legal

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