This dress can read your mind and changes shape accordingly


No, you can’t buy this at Target. 

Yanni de Melo

If you’d rather keep what’s going on in your brain right there inside your head, Dutch “fashiontech” designer Anouk Wipprecht’s latest creation isn’t for you. It’s a dress that moves and lights up according to your brainwaves. Feeling calm? The garment lights up a slow, soothing purple. Stressed out? The lights flicker, and little motor-driven components jutting out from the futuristic frock like animatronic wings flap more frantically.  

The 3D-printed robotic dress, called the Pangolin dress, requires wearing a custom head-hugging brain computer interface that incorporates 1,204 tiny electroencephalography sensors resembling scales covering a pangolin’s skin. 

The cap, which looks like something an android would wear in a sci-fi film, translates the brain’s electrical signals to 64 actuators that control little “scales” on the dress that move up and down and light up according to the state of the model.

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