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Apple To Launch Dramatically Upgraded Apple TV With iPhone 12 Chip, Report Claims

Apple TV hardware may be radically upgraded in the coming months, according to a reports including a new tweet from leaker Fudge. The expectation is that the processor will be improved way more than a TV streaming box has any need for, which can only mean one thing: it’s for games.

It may even come in two versions, one with a processor that’s the company’s latest, the A14 chip, or a variant of it, making it as powerful as the latest iPad Air or the upcoming iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro.

MORE FROM FORBESApple About To Reveal Significantly Upgraded Apple TV 4K, Report Says

Arcade, Apple’s subscription gaming service, is aiming high, according to the tweet. Citing the game Breath of the Wild, Fudge claims an ambition to rival titles of that

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Destiny 2’s Size Is Shrinking Dramatically, But You’ll Need To Re-Download The Whole Game

Destiny 2 developer Bungie is making some changes to how it updates the game, and for the upcoming Beyond Light expansion, this means you’ll need to re-download the entire game–but this move comes with some good news as well.

Bungie said in a blog post that it recognizes this could be a “painful” problem for people with slow internet or caps on their data. “We’re sorry about that,” Bungie said.

To help make this sting less, Bungie will start pre-loading for Beyond Light on the evening of November 9 (Pacific Time), so people have at least 10 hours to download the expansion before it officially goes live on November 10.

The reason for the re-download requirement is that Bungie has “revamped [its] content building and patching pipeline” to help make downloads get smaller and install faster. Due to Destiny 2’s “tremendous size,” it currently takes more than 24 hours for

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Nvidia + Arm Will Dramatically Change the Technology Landscape | Tech Buzz

Nvidia last week announced they are buying Arm for US$40 billion — to be met through a combination of Nvidia shares and cash. This will result in some exciting changes.

It is interesting to realize that had Steve Jobs lived; it likely would have been Apple attempting to buy Arm rather than Nvidia. Steve and Tim Cook were on the same page when it comes to vertical integration, but where Tim would look at the regulatory problems and not do this deal, Jobs would have been full steam ahead and likely gotten it done.

Had Apple done this, they would have effectively locked out (over time) most of their competitors either from critical aspects of Arm, or Arm entirely. But that didn’t happen. Nvidia bought Arm, and this acquisition may put Apple at higher risk. This puts Nvidia at the heart of an industry pivot toward licensing, which will be

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Mangrove loss has fallen dramatically, but the forests are still in danger

Lately, however, mangrove researchers have been delivering some rare good news: According to satellite data, mangrove loss has fallen dramatically in the past two decades, with human-caused mangrove destruction declining even faster than loss from natural causes.

“We’re definitely headed in the right direction,” says Liza Goldberg, a researcher at the University of Maryland and NASA, who led a recent study of satellite data.

But that doesn’t mean mangroves are out of hot water — figuratively or literally. Both Goldberg’s study and another paper using different methods found that sea-level rise and erosion could soon reverse the positive trend and, in the long term, possibly wipe mangroves off the map altogether.

If you were tasked with choosing just one ecosystem to safeguard the future of humans and the planet, mangroves would be a strong contender. These mucky, tangled coastal forests, although perhaps uninviting to humans, absorb and blunt storm surges,

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