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BitFire Shines Under International Spotlight by Deploying 75 Simultaneous Remotes and Over 100 Total IP Broadcast Transport Feeds for 2020 NHL Draft

NHL Network receives remote contribution from 31 NHL clubs and over 40 draft prospects through BitFire’s browser-based FireBridge for its coverage of the 2020 NHL Draft

BitFire, a solution developed in response to new-world demand for an agile, professional-grade, live IP television transport experience, and remote production services, successfully deployed its remote IP video transport and production solutions this past week on an international stage – the 2020 NHL Draft. BitFire was commissioned by NHL Network to solve a unique challenge for synchronizing all 31 NHL clubs from their respective locations, and over 40 more draft prospects located throughout North America and Europe as teams made their selections remotely via a virtual draft due to COVID-19. BitFire also was tasked with providing over 100 feeds to NHL Network’s facilities for its world coverage of the two-day event.

With prospects drafted all over the world covering a wide span of time

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U.S. tech giants face curbs on data sharing, digital marketplaces, under draft EU rules

By Foo Yun Chee

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Alphabet unit Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple and other U.S. tech giants could be banned from favouring their services or forcing users to sign up to a bundle of services under draft EU rules aimed at reining in their power.

The draft rules, known as the Digital Services Act, aim to set the ground rules for data-sharing and how digital marketplaces operate. They are expected to come into force by the end of the year.

The European Commission is taking a tough line against U.S. tech giants, driven in part by antitrust cases resulting in decisions that subsequently failed to boost competition because of the lengthy process that typically takes several years.

The case has taken on urgency because of the dependence of thousands of EU companies on the tech giants for their business.

Gatekeepers, such as companies with bottleneck power or strategic market

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