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Controversial Plan Urges DoD to Recruit Tech Pros to WFH | Cybersecurity

The United States Defense Innovation Board (DIB) has recommended that the Pentagon hire civilians to work from home who can handle classified information as a way of attracting people with technology expertise.

DIB in its September 15 report proposes a “highly limited, temporary and specific use of waivers for a small percentage of the workforce to ensure two things: First, key innovation and technology initiatives are fully staffed, and second, that the most service members with the greatest potential are retained.”

The individuals sought “will have technical degrees and/or highly specialized skills in digital technologies and innovation needed across the U.S. Department of Defense,” which is undergoing digital transformation.

These skills include modern software development, cyberphysical systems, data science, and artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML); rapid capability development and adoption, and applied innovation methodologies such as design thinking and Lean Startup, which emphasize critical thinking, experimentation, and iteration.

These systems “underpin

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Space Force, DoD agencies, NRO try to get on the same page on future acquisitions

A “program integration council” run by the Space and Missile Systems Center will include representatives from DoD space-buying agencies and the National Reconnaissance Office.

WASHINGTON — The Space Force announced in June that one of its major field organizations will be an acquisition command that will unify the current mishmash of agencies that handle space programs.

The new organization, the Space Systems Command, has not yet been stood up. In the meantime, representatives from several space buying agencies will be meeting regularly in an informal “program integration council” led by the Space Force’s Space and Missile Systems Center.

“We want to make sure that there’s alignment across programs,” Col. Dennis Bythewood, the Space and Missile Systems Center’s director of special programs, told SpaceNews in an interview.

The integration council is run by the Space and Missile Systems Center. It includes representatives from agencies that operate independently from the Space Force

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DOD Wants Remote Workers to Be Able to Access Classified Information

The Defense Department is taking more steps to enable its remote workers to be able to access sensitive, classified information outside of the Pentagon’s secure environment.

As of August, the Pentagon had expanded its remote work capabilities to about 1 million personnel through its Commercial Virtual Remote collaboration environment, which, as Nextgov reports, “facilitates the exchange of low-risk, unclassified data and communications among users.” It’s been a critical tool as the DOD has enabled widespread telework during the coronavirus pandemic.

However, DOD CIO Dana Deasy and other defense officials have indicated they are working to enable access to classified information through the CVR environment, which uses the cloud-based Microsoft Teams collaboration tool.

Deasy said in late July that his office was running “a lot of pilots” to improve the security of the CVR, FedScoop reports. “We are confident we will rise to the challenge by leveraging our innovative ecosystem,” Deasy

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