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New Technology Provides Lens Prescriptions Without An Eye Doctor

Friday, September 18th 2020, 7:28 am

By: News 9

A first of its kind technology in Oklahoma is turning a local glasses store into a one stop shop for lenses.

The cell phone-based technology allows customers to receive their prescription without an extra trip to the optometrist.  

A year ago, at the New York City vision expo, the new technology caught the eye of Oklahoma based company, Black Optical. When the pandemic hit, the company believed it was the right time to introduce it to the sooner state. 

At Black Optical’s Oklahoma City location, optician Josh Wilcox says he hears one question often, “Hey, do you guys do prescriptions?” He says they are now able to answer yes. 

The technology called wave front was developed by NASA, Wilcox says. The small device runs off smart phone software and sits atop a height adjustable stand. 

The exam begins with a series

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Steraligner Cleaning System Now Available Through Invisalign Doctor Store & Invisalign Accessories Site

Dr. Sam Daher, co-founder and president of Steraligner, remarked on his excitement about the announcement, saying, “We believe the best clear aligner in the industry deserves the best care possible, and Steraligner aligner cleaning solution is the perfect complementary product to Invisalign clear aligners.” Daher continued, “Aligners can accumulate plaque build-up after long periods of wear, depending on the interaction of naturally-occurring bacteria and other factors in some patients. I wanted to go beyond simple cleaning to develop the most effective cleaning approach possible to help my Invisalign patients maintain great hygiene and get that new aligner look and feel every day. After numerous rounds of development and laboratory testing, we achieved that with Steraligner, and I’m thrilled to make it available to Invisalign providers and their patients through these Invisalign resource sites.”

Dr. Lawrence Hier, co-founder and CEO of Steraligner, echoed Daher’s comments, saying, “We know that

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