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Believe It or Not, Facebook Isn’t Happy About Netflix Doc The Social Dilemma

Just like Mark Zuckerberg after getting dumped back at Harvard, Facebook got big mad on the internet in response to Netflix’s viral documentary The Social Dilemma. We all intuitively felt like Facebook addiction was real — we’ve all had to have one of those convos with a parent — but the doc claims to describe how social networks like Facebook use programs and algorithms to keep people online, not to mention the influence tech companies have on elections, discrimination, and depression and suicide rates. According to CNBC, viewers were even deleting their Facebook and Instagram accounts after watching the doc.


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In a post published on its website today, Facebook addressed the concerns raised in The Social Dilemma, saying the film “buries the substance in sensationalism.” The post goes on to say: “Rather than offer a nuanced look at technology, it gives a distorted view of how

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This scientist made a Google Doc to educate the public about airborne coronavirus transmission

Why did you make this document instead of going down the traditional science publishing route?

Science publishing is very slow. For the scale of the pandemic, people need information today. And publishers can be cryptic. They all have their own rules. In reality, you can only publish things that have not been published before, so it’s not a good way to answer questions from the public. And crucially, it needed to be updateable so we can answer people’s questions as they come. In a journal, it would be frozen.

What have been your main frustrations with the response to the evidence around airborne transmission?

Ever since we wrote that letter, signed by 239 scientists, I have been waiting for the landslide. The evidence is now simply overwhelming that the virus is spread through aerosols. The idea it’s mainly droplets is a myth. It’s an error from 1910 made by Charles

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New doc ‘The Social Dilemma’ explores what’s hiding on the other side of your screen

In a world fueled by likes and comments, a new documentary that’s coming to Netflix takes a look at how social media is reprogramming society and the consequences of dependency on the social internet.

Like many, Director Jeff Orlowski loved social media and had seen the positive impacts that it had on society. It was when his friend Tristan Harris, who was working at Google as a design ethicist, began to publicly criticize Google’s business model in 2017, as well as the business models of other tech companies.

“I had met Tristan in college. I saw him starting to talk about the consequences of technology,” said Orlowski. “He was working at Google and criticizing Google publicly. We caught up and started talking. I have so many friends in the tech industry yet

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