Ditching the diesel, keeping the cool

  • Trailer manufacturers and leasing companies introduce new all-electric transportation refrigeration models.
  • California is working on a new rule that would require zero-emissions reefer technology at select facilities.

In 2019 fleet management company PLM purchased a refrigerated trailer, or “reefer,” with a solar-electric transport refrigeration unit (TRU) and hired a driver who completed a successful 2,400-mile run from Phoenix to Orlando, Florida — on a single charge. 

PLM, a refrigerated trailer leasing, rental and maintenance operation, has focused on the cold supply chain since 1971, said Mike Marshall, vice president of sales, speaking during an ACT Virtual clean transportation conference session Tuesday. About 10 years ago, realizing how much time and energy was dedicated to pre-cooling, staging and loading, the company directed its customers to hybrid technology. 

“Today we’re ratcheting it up,” Marshall said. “We have confidence in a zero-emission, all- electric TRU.”

Reefers get a closer look

TRUs are

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