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Samsung likely to ditch under-display camera tech for Galaxy S21

a close up of a hand holding a cellphone: Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus display

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus display

Samsung Galaxy S21 is most likely going to come without under-display camera. According to news report this week, the company is not satisfied with the efficiency of the technology. And during its test, the results were far from convincing. All this has made sure Samsung is not going to use the under-display camera for its upcoming Galaxy phone next year.

Samsung uses its in-house Display division to make screens for its smartphone. They used the hole in active area (HIAA) method to drill the camera into the display. This quite nicely on the Galaxy S20 series, which came with punch hole front camera. And same happened with the Galaxy Note 20 as well. But while integrating the camera under the display, the company did not get positive signs to ahead with it in mass  production.

The under-display technology is the latest

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Loud Calls For Global Shipping To Ditch Fossil Fuels And Meet Climate Goals

At UN Climate Week this week, calls have increased for shipping to urgently ditch fossil fuels to meet the planet’s climate goals.

The global shipping industry remains weakly regulated and is significantly off course to meet climate targets that scientists and the rest of the world all agree are needed to avoid runaway climate change.

A new report, entitled ‘Zero-Carbon for Shipping’ from leading international conservation organization Ocean Conservancy was launched at a virtual gathering of world leaders

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Ditch Apple Mail and Safari by using iOS 14 and iPadOS 14’s new default app feature

For the first time since ever, Apple is giving users more control over iOS and iPadOS. With the release of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, you can now put widgets on the homescreen, and there’s even an app drawer. But perhaps more notably, you can fully ditch Apple’s Mail and Safari apps by selecting another app as your default mail or browser. 

a close up of a cell phone: You can finally set default apps on your iPhone or iPad. Óscar Gutiérrez/CNET

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You can finally set default apps on your iPhone or iPad. Óscar Gutiérrez/CNET

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You can finally set default apps on your iPhone or iPad. 

It’s a big step for iPhone and iPad users, and one that was sorely overdue. 

The process is really simple, but it’s somewhat hidden. It’s not like Android, where there’s a dedicated section for setting default apps. You have

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