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The State of Distance Learning Technology

Distance learning has certainly been one of the most discussed technology categories in the entire country since early March when schools and businesses began to run remotely as a result of COVID-19. 

More than six months later, many schools and universities are still utilizing distance learning solutions to continue education without putting students at risk. 

Many schools—especially at the K-12 level—have been practicing distance learning for the first time. The sudden need for systems that were not yet implemented gave rise to a massive growth in videoconferencing. 

Many of you will recall the number of Zoom meetings that were hacked into early on in the pandemic. This trend of “Zoom bombing,” as it came to be known, highlighted the clear lack of distance learning options schools had at their disposal and security risks of this technology. 

Higher education facilities are similarly affected. 

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Parents sue over distance learning in Los Angeles


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Distance Learning Summit — Campus Technology

Campus Technology Distance Learning Summit

As colleges and universities navigate the ever-shifting challenges of higher education’s “new normal,” they are also looking ahead: How can the lessons learned from the pandemic redefine teaching and learning moving forward? And how can the technology decisions made today impact the future? In thoughtful hour-long editorial sessions, education and IT leaders will share their ideas, experiences and outlook, and engage attendees with a live Q&A.

9:00 – 10:00AM PT

Session 1: How the Pandemic Gave IT as Seat at the Table

For information technology leaders in higher education, one silver lining of the pandemic has been the opportunity it has given IT to shine at a strategic level. In this panel discussion, CIOs will share how they have been able to get involved in pandemic response planning, fast-track IT projects, provide critical solutions to campus challenges, elevate the position of IT within institutional leadership,
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Astronomers Now Know the Distance To A Powerful Magnetar That Went Dark In 2008

The universe is so vast that even the closest stars are light-years away. They are so distant that they were long thought to be fixed points in the velvet night. Since we can’t yet travel to the stars, measuring their distance is a challenge. Astronomers use a hierarchy of techniques known as the cosmic distance ladder, where the distance of nearby stars are used to determine the distance of farther objects such as galaxies and quasars. All of this is based upon the most basic method known as parallax.

Parallax relies upon the fact that the Earth orbits the Sun. Over six months, the position of the Earth shifts by 300 million kilometers. By observing a star’s location against more distant objects, we see that the star appears to shift as seen from different positions. This parallax shift is such that the

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TVUSD To Receive Part Of $10M Allotment For Distance Learning

TEMECULA, CA — Nineteen school districts, including the Temecula Valley Unified School District, are set to receive $10 million of federal CARES Act funds allocated by the Riverside County Board of Supervisors to Riverside County Office of Education Foundation’s “All For One” campaign, it was announced Friday.

The money will be used to order additional laptops and mobile hotspot devices to support distance learning for Riverside County students.

First announced in August, the “All For One” campaign will provide funds directly to the districts to address students’ needs related to distance learning, said Riverside County Superintendent of Schools Dr. Judy D. White.

“As schools and districts prepare to offer hybrid and in-person learning over the coming months, elements of distance learning will remain a necessity in socially-distanced classrooms, for completing homework, and to ensure continuity of education if COVID-19 or other emergencies force school closures,” White said.

“We have made

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VLBA makes first direct distance measurement to magnetar

VLBA makes first direct distance measurement to magnetar
Artist’s conception of a magnetar — a superdense neutron star with an extremely strong magnetic field. In this illustration, the magnetar is emitting a burst of radiation. Credit: Sophia Dagnello, NRAO/AUI/NSF

Astronomers using the National Science Foundation’s Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA) have made the first direct geometric measurement of the distance to a magnetar within our Milky Way Galaxy—a measurement that could help determine if magnetars are the sources of the long-mysterious Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs).

Magnetars are a variety of neutron stars—the superdense remains of massive stars that exploded as supernovae—with extremely strong magnetic fields. A typical magnetar magnetic field is a trillion times stronger than the Earth’s magnetic field, making magnetars the most magnetic objects in the Universe. They can emit strong bursts of X-rays and gamma rays, and recently have become a leading candidate for the sources of FRBs.

A magnetar called XTE J1810-197, discovered in

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Netflix Announces New Quarantine-Themed Drama, Social Distance

Further confirming that earlier COVID-19 fears that the widespread pandemic and resulting quarantine might signal the end of new TV may have been misaligned, Netflix has announced the cast and release date for Social Distance, a new anthology series. The eight-part, limited-run drama debuts on October 15 and, according to a release, “showcases the power of the human spirit in the face of uncertainty and isolation.”

The show is set in the initial months of the COVID-19 pandemic, and has been “conceived, cast, and executed entirely remotely during quarantine.” Social Distance consists of standalone episodes “told through a virtual lens and captures the unique emotional experience of being forced apart by circumstance and having no choice but to communicate remotely and rely on technology to maintain any sense of connection.” The idea being, in other words, to explore the ways that although many of us have entered quarantine, our individual

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Montgomery County distance learning finished one week

First impressions varied across the Maryland suburbs as students, parents and educators finished the first week of a school year that began virtually Aug. 31, amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Many families found the debut was far better than in the spring, when schools in the Washington region and nationally shuttered suddenly as cases of the novel coronavirus surged and school officials scrambled to shift to distance learning.

They laud teachers’ efforts and say they appreciate that school systems are trying to do something never done before: start a school year all-virtual, with educators teaching from their homes and students plugging in from Chromebook laptops set up on kitchen tables and bedroom desks.

But some lament glitches in technology — difficulties logging on, freeze-ups in live sessions — while others question issues related to instructional time, resources for children with special needs and overload for the very young.

And even as

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