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CallTower named one of IndustryWired’s ‘Top 20 Companies with Most Disruptive Solutions in 2020’

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U.S.-Trained Forces Are Raping Women in Cameroon—and Rebels Are Beheading Them

IKOM, Nigeria—Lucy was contemplating closing early for the day when soldiers—believed to be from the Cameroon government’s notorious Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR)—stormed her shop in the northwestern Cameroon town of Bamenda at the end of August, dragged her outside, asked her to take off the shirt she was wearing, and forced her to sit on the bare ground for hours.“When I asked them what I had done wrong, one of them gave me a terrible slap and began to kick me all over my body,” Lucy, who sells foodstuffs close to a market in Bamenda, told The Daily Beast via telephone. “I thought the soldiers were going to kill me.”On the same day Lucy was brutalized by government forces in Bamenda, about 80 other women—mostly traders at the local food market—were detained at a police station

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Technology Proliferation, Influence Ops May Be as Disruptive as COVID-19 > U.S. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE > Defense Department News

The COVID-19 pandemic has been globally disruptive in nearly every facet of life. But other things may prove as disruptive in the future, said leaders of the military intelligence community.

One advancement that may possibly be as disruptive as COVID-19 is the revolution in information technology that’s available to everybody — not just the U.S. and its allies, Navy Vice Adm. Robert Sharp, director of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, said during an online forum today with the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association and the Intelligence and National Security Alliance.

“It’s this revolution in remotely-sensed and geo-located data, which is available to everyone,” he said. “It’s available to us, but it’s also available to our competitors. [Also] the revolution in smart machines and artificial intelligence — once again, [it’s a] great opportunity for us, but it’s not only our opportunity. That’s the competition space.”

Another area of concern is something

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IndustryWired Magazine Names ‘Top 20 Companies with Most Disruptive Solutions in 2020’

IndustryWired, a brand of Stravium Intelligence, has announced ‘Top 20 Companies with Most Disruptive Solutions in 2020’ in its August magazine issue.

The magazine issue features extraordinary companies that are revolutionizing business processes by leveraging disruptive technologies and adopting effective business strategies to deliver customer-oriented services. These next-generation companies are unleashing greater change across industries with advanced solutions to disrupt the status quo. Here is a look at the exceptional companies that made it to the list:

Featuring as the Cover Story is Onsite Utility Services Capital, a team of energy, technology, and financial professionals focused on helping organizations achieve significant reductions in energy consumption and reduce their carbon footprints. The company provides businesses and institutions with the ability to improve their current and future financial security through energy consumption reduction.

3D Capital Management: 3D Capital is an investment management firm that focuses exclusively on protecting and defending

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Wastewater Treatment Technology Does Not Have to be New to be Disruptive

There has long been a recognition among waste professionals that waste should be seen and treated as a potential resource. Indeed, the development of a truly sustainable circular economy depends on it. With developments such as ZLD, the technology is now available to make such
societal changes a reality.
By Matt Hale

The term ‘disruptive technology’ can be found everywhere across the waste and wastewater treatment sectors, from conferences to whitepapers, from small industrial sites to large municipal wastewater treatment plants. There is no doubt that disruptive technologies have the power to transform sustainability in the waste sector, but it is important to realize that a technology does not need to be new in order to be disruptive. The widespread use of previously niche systems, or the novel use of well-established technologies like heat exchangers, can be equally transformative.

HRS Unicus Series scraped-surface evaporators are used to maintain thermal efficiency
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Disruptive Tech Pioneer Daniel Kilger Wins Two Business Worldwide Magazine CEO Awards

 LONDON, Sept. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Daniel Kilger is a pioneer of revolutionary techniques and concepts, who at a young age is on a mission to change the world. Now the innovator and entrepreneur has won two Business Worldwide Magazine (BWM) 2020 CEO Awards, being named ‘Healthcare Start-up CEO of the Year – Germany‘ and ‘Growth Strategy CEO of the Year – Germany‘.

The aim of the Awards is to identify and honour the Most Respected C-level executives across the globe from a variety of different sectors. Unlike many business awards that focus on the overall companies’ success, instead the spotlight is individuals who make them tick– namely senior executives such as CEOs, Managing Directors, Directors and senior-level management.  The  intention is to give worthy individuals the recognition they deserve, using their example to inspire others to achieve similar success.

Modern technology provides a constant connection to

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Gasology Transforms the Future of Motor Fuel With Disruptive New Marketplace Technology

NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 01, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Gasology announced today the release of its disruptive motor fuel marketplace and patent-pending technology that allows consumers – for the first time ever – to purchase their motor fuel 100% online for today or virtually endless periods in the future. This comprehensive online suite of web-based and mobile apps enables motor fuel suppliers and buyers to connect using a revolutionary design that will transform an industry which has not materially changed since the 1800s. Gasology has created ‘A Better Way’ to fuel mobility by bringing the entire downstream industry onto one seamless platform.

“Imagine if the only way to shop for and buy an airline ticket was to arrive at the gate and pay immediately before boarding the flight. This is the only way consumers have ever known how to buy their motor fuel,” said Gasology CEO Joe LeBlanc. “Now, imagine seeing

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