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Emergency 911 dispatch outages reported at multiple police departments across the country

Agencies from Arizona to Florida reported outages that typically lasted about 30 minutes before being restored.
The 911 problems occurred the same night that widespread outages were reported for Microsoft services.
Microsoft 365 services are coming back after major outage
Redmond, Washington — home of Microsoft’s headquarters — tweeted Monday that city phones and emails were also experiencing outages.
The service health status page for Microsoft Azure — the company’s cloud computing service — posted, “A subset of customers in the Azure Public and Azure Government clouds may encounter errors performing authentication operations for a number of Microsoft or Azure services.” Microsoft said customers “should see signs of recovery.”
A spokesperson for the sheriff’s office in Hennepin County, Minnesota, told CNN they were not sure whether their 911 outage was related to the Microsoft issue.
The New York Police Department told CNN that while their 911 services had no reported outages, they did experience issues with Microsoft accounts.
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Singapore glass technology company sets up shop in Columbus – Business – The Columbus Dispatch

A Singapore company is moving to Columbus to find its niche in the emerging “smart glass” industry.

A Singapore company is moving to Columbus with the goal of transforming the emerging “smart glass” industry.

The company, Nodis, has developed what it says is a less-expensive way to produce glass that can be tinted and otherwise controlled by a user.

Nodis worked for five years in Singapore to develop its TruTint technology and is now moving its executive team to Columbus. The company plans to open a factory in central Ohio to manufacture its key “nano particle” component, which will be applied to a film in Korea before being shipped to glass manufacturers worldwide to embed in the final smart glass product.

“We use nano particles suspended in liquid that can be oriented when a voltage is applied, acting like a shutter on the window,” said Mike Holt, an adviser to

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Getting Technical: Tolles is here to educate on all career-path options – News – The Columbus Dispatch

I’ve watched it happen.

Last July, I wrote to you about my own struggle with the notion of a four-year degree versus some type of career-technical training for my daughter.

I gave our readers a little peek into my own life. My daughter graduated as valedictorian of her class and had taken College Credit Plus courses in high school, and the experience had affected her deeply. She was clear that she did not want to go on to college.

What? I’m a lifelong educator!

However, she identified her field of passion — music and video production — and she found a technical school to help her reach her goals.

I had to give up on my idea of what was the “right” education. And if you have been reading this monthly article for any length of time, you know that I am a superintendent at a career center.

Every day,

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The Hype Magazine Continues to Grow Under the Leadership of Just Jay | The Global Dispatch

The entertainment industry has been changing quickly during the past few years. As technology has continued to progress, the industry has had to adapt. As a result, there are more doors that have been opened for people all over the world. In the past, in order to get noticed, entertainers would have to depend on agents to help them get gigs and appearances. Now, all of this has changed. Publications that are shared online are helping entertainers jumpstart their careers. This includes The Hype Magazine, which has quickly become one of the staples of the industry. Led by Just Jay, The Hype Magazine is a great way for entertainers to share their profiles in the media. This is one of the fastest-growing magazines in the industry.

The Hype Magazine was started back in 2002 by Just Jay when she was still a student at Ball State University. The initial goal

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