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Why has web security become the dire need of corporate world?


Advancement in technology has made this world a global village, and today, we can send and receive messages from across the miles in Nano-second. Many day-to-day activities are conducive to technology, and when there is a glitch, our lives seem to come to a halt. Most everyday things, such as storing humongous data in tiny chips, washing machines churning out folded clothes, or machines taking orders in restaurants, were not even a dream for the past people. Artificial intelligence and progression in technical devices have made it all possible. Technical experts predict that there will be many more technological wonders in the future — and still, there is a long way to go.

Business sectors have taken advantage of advanced technology and incorporated many technical programs in their operations. Hi-tech devices have reduced human power and provides companies with immaculate calculations of big numbers in no time. Digital companies with

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NOAA pick is critic of Weather Service, dire climate forecasts

The position, pushed forward by the White House pending completion of ethics and security reviews and not requiring Senate confirmation, would put Maue in a leadership position within the agency. As chief scientist, Maue would be tasked with helping establish its oceans and atmosphere research priorities, as well as playing a role in enforcing its scientific integrity policy.

The White House and NOAA declined to comment, and the Commerce Department, which oversees the NOAA, did not respond to a request for comment.

The NOAA scientific integrity policy is meant to prevent political influence from interfering with its scientific work, as well as the communication of NOAA scientists’ findings. The current acting chief scientist, Craig McLean, initiated an investigation into actions by NOAA leadership during the controversy surrounding the agency’s support for President Trump’s inaccurate claims regarding the path of Hurricane Dorian.

Maue serves as the developer of weathermodels.com, a site

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