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Australia Says Majority of 470-Strong Beached Whale Pod Has Died | World News

SYDNEY (Reuters) – The majority of a 470-strong pod of pilot whales found stranded off Australia’s remote southern coast has died, officials said on Wednesday, as rescuers struggled in freezing waters and fading light to free those still alive.

The group, which is the biggest beaching in the country’s modern history, were first spotted a wide sandbank during an aerial reconnaissance of rugged Macquarie Harbour in Tasmania state on Monday.

After two days of a difficult and dangerous rescue attempt, state marine scientists said at least 380 of the long-finned pilot whales had died.

By late Wednesday, around fifty of the mammals were freed but experts said there was a high likelihood they would return as many did during the rescue attempt a day earlier, creating an exhausting loop for rescuers who cannot work through the night.

The outlook for the remaining 30 stranded and still alive pilot whales, a

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A patient has died after ransomware hackers hit a German hospital

For the first time ever, a patient’s death has been linked directly to a cyberattack. Police have launched a murder investigation after ransomware disrupted emergency care at Düsseldorf University Hospital in Germany.

The victim: Prosecutors in Cologne say a female patient from Düsseldorf was scheduled to undergo critical care at the hospital when the September 9 attack disabled systems. When Düsseldorf could no longer provide care, she was transferred 19 miles (30 kilometers) away to another hospital. The hackers could be held responsible by German police, the BBC reports.

A tragic first: “If confirmed, this tragedy would be the first known case of a death directly linked to a cyberattack,” Ciaran Martin, formerly the chief executive of the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre, said in a speech at the Royal United Services Institute. “Although the purpose of ransomware is to make money, it stops systems working. So if

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Herman Cain May Have Died, but His Media Empire Is Going Strong

When the famed businessman and former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain passed away last month, his daughter wrote a heartfelt tribute on his website pledging that the conservative folk hero’s family would continue promoting his message.

About halfway down the page, readers were presented with a yes-or-no survey question: “Are you glad Herman’s team will keep his vision alive?” Fine print below the poll noted that those who completed it—and provided their email addresses as required—would be added to mailing lists run by a conservative news website called The Western Journal.

It was a glimpse into the conservative media and marketing apparatus that sprouted up to monetize Cain’s brand after his unsuccessful 2012 presidential run. And it helps explain why, even after Cain died last month after contracting COVID-19, social media accounts bearing his name have indulged right-wing critics of efforts to combat the virus’ spread. Cain himself may have

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