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DHS Admits Facial Recognition Photos Were Hacked, Released on Dark Web

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) finally acknowledged Wednesday that photos that were part of a facial recognition pilot program were hacked from a Customs and Border Control subcontractor and were leaked on the dark web last year. 

Among the data, which was collected by a company called Perceptics, was a trove of traveler’s faces, license plates, and care information. The information made its way to the Dark Web, despite DHS claiming it hadn’t. In a newly released report about the incident, the DHS Office of Inspector General admitted that 184,000 images were stolen and at least 19 of them were posted to the Dark Web.

“CBP did not adequately safeguard sensitive data on an unencrypted device used during its facial recognition technology pilot,” the report found. “This incident may damage the public’s trust in the Government’s ability to safeguard biometric data and may result in travelers’ reluctance to permit

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DHS, USCIS Want to Collect More Biometric Information from Immigrants

The Homeland Security Department and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services want to collect more biometric information from immigrants, the agency announced Tuesday.

The use of biometrics under a rule the agency plans to propose would grow beyond fingerprinting to include collection of voice, iris and facial recognition scans, the department said in a press release. Publication of the proposal is “imminent,” according to the release.

Currently, the agency collects fingerprints—as well as a signature and photographs—from immigration applicants during appointments. 

Right now, biometric technology is used in background checks, but the new rule would allow the agency to also use biometrics for identity verification, secure document production and records management, according to the release. It also gives DHS the power to collect DNA to establish familial relationships between adults and minors in custody. 

Ken Cuccinelli, the senior official performing the duties of the deputy secretary for DHS, said in the

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