California man finds a new passion in building desks for at-home learners

Hansanuwat noticed his son had several fifth-grade classmates who seemed to be doing their virtual learning on a sofa, a bed or the floor. Without a proper surface to write or type on, they struggled to stay focused. Hansanuwat knew that millions of Americans staying home for work or school had forced a desk shortage; prices were high and delivery times had ballooned. So he posted on social media offering to build a simple desk for anybody who needed one, free of charge.

He expected a handful of responses and was pleasantly surprised that he received 18 in the first two weeks. Then somebody shared his post with a local news station.

“They aired the story and things just went nuts,” he said. “I spent the next two days not building anything, just going through the messages to get everyone onto a list of requests. Eventually I cut the list

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