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‘Very High Risk’ Two Large Pieces Of Space Junk Will Collide This Week

A defunct Russian satellite and a spent Chinese rocket just floating around high over Earth could smash into each other within a few days, potentially creating a big mess in orbit with potentially dire long-term consequences.

LeoLabs, which tracks space debris, put out the alert on Tuesday warning that the two large hunks of junk will come within 25 meters of each other and have up to a twenty percent chance of colliding Thursday evening.

That’s considered way too close for comfort by space standards. The two objects have a combined mass of 2,800 kilograms and if they were to smash into each other, the “conjunction” could create thousands of new pieces of space junk that would put actual functioning satellites at risk.

Astronomer Jonathan McDowell, who keeps a close eye on objects in orbit, identified the old crafts

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The same black hole can collide with its kin multiple times, lopsided merger suggests

For black holes, a collision doesn’t have to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, new research suggests.

On April 12, 2019, scientists detected a new black-hole merger using a trio of gravitational-wave detectors. Astrophysicists have spotted such events before, but something about the signals was different this time: the two black holes that collided were incredibly unevenly matched, with the larger about three times the size of the smaller. Scientists didn’t expect to see such an imbalanced merger between black holes, and now, they think they might understand the unusual event.

“This event is an oddball the universe has thrown at us — it was something we didn’t see coming,” Salvatore Vitale, a physicist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an author on the new research, said in a statement. “But nothing happens just once in the universe. And something like this, though rare, we will see again,

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