How To Unlock Intelligent Operations With Cognitive Technology

By David Sweetman, Senior Director, Global Product Marketing SAP S/4HANA

Even when no playbook, expertise, and best practice exist, there’s always plenty of data ready to be put to work to generate insights, offer recommendations, and inspire ingenuity. But to get the most value out of that intelligence, businesses must first have the right strategies and tools in place. 

The good news is that today’s global uncertainty is compelling businesses to shift their data management and analytics capabilities to digital quickly. The IDC market spotlight, “Digital Transformation in Times of Change: What Intelligent Enterprises Need from Their ERP Systems,” predicts artificial intelligence (AI) will be the core for organizations by the end of 2020, as 50% purchase applications focused on the user experience. 

AI and other cognitive technologies – such as machine learning, deep learning, and robotic process automation – are fueling this critical leap by turning ERP data

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