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OnePlus co-founder reportedly leaving phone maker for own venture


OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei

Josh Miller/CNET

The co-founder of Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus has seemingly left the company, according to a report Monday. Carl Pei was absent from an internal memo listing OnePlus’ leadership, Android Police reported citing a screenshot by a Reddit user who suggested that Pei had either stepped down or was removed from the position.

The reported departure comes just ahead of the OnePlus 8T event, which is scheduled for Wednesday. Pei’s is departing OnePlus to start his own venture, according to TechCrunch, although no details about that venture were immediately available.

OnePlus didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

In 2019, OnePlus ranked eighth in the US market with just 0.6% market share, according to Counterpoint Research, but its phone sales more than tripled last year

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Palantir Cofounder Joe Lonsdale Defends The Newly Public Data Mining Company Amid Ongoing Criticism

Palantir Technologies, the once-secretive data mining company, went public through a direct listing on Wednesday, hitting a market capitalization just north of $20 billion on its first day of trading Wednesday. The journey to IPO has been bumpy and at times controversial. Joe Lonsdale, cofounder of Palantir who left the company in 2009 but remains a significant shareholder, tells Forbes why the company is necessary, and how he built it in the early days with billionaire investor and Palantir chairman Peter Thiel, CEO Alexander Karp, president Stephen Cohen and others in 2003.

“From the beginning, it was an unusual company, and we had big ambitions to build something that was very important for Western civilization,” says Lonsdale of the company’s grand initial vision. A computer science major who graduated from Stanford University in 2003, Lonsdale edited the conservative paper Stanford Review, which

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Startup Doc.ai Inks Deal With Health Insurer Anthem, Names Female Cofounder CEO

The smartphone has revolutionized the collection of healthcare data and with it the ability to personalize feedback to individual patients. The National Science Foundation estimates the internet will connect to 50 billion “smart” devices by 2020, but this ubiquity also makes the security, privacy and standardization of this data all the more imperative. Palo Alto, California-based artificial intelligence startup doc.ai, which named cofounder Sam De Brouwer its new CEO on Tuesday, has built the technical infrastructure to securely collect and process disparate data in ways that engage patients.

Doc.ai, which launched in 2016 and has raised $31 million to date, provides the front-end technology to capture data, such as an app on a smartphone, as well as the backend technology, including APIs and algorithms, that can securely process and analyze that data. 

“The big mission we have is to

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This startup wants to be the tech co-founder for your startup

  • Delhi-based RHA Technologies, founded by Arun Meena during the lockdown, is helping budding entrepreneurs get on the startup bandwagon by being their ‘co-founder’.
  • The startup currently works on a revenue share model or an equity share model with a minimum fixed cost as fees as well.
  • They work with the startup until it has built a strong foundation or has raised funding, a process that can last for a couple of years.

Tech outsourcing has long been a popular go-to formula for major IT companies in the West, but not for a startup that relies heavily on technology to get the business going. But as more and more people turn to entrepreneurship even if they don’t come from a core tech background, now there’s a startup that wants to be the co-founder of your startup.

Delhi-based RHA Technologies, founded by Arun Meena during the lockdown, is helping budding entrepreneurs get

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Unstoppable Domain’s co-founder had this to say about Facebook and the future of free speech

Unstoppable Domains co-founder Bradley Kam believes that neither the anti-encryption bills nor the technology giants present a real threat to the future of the Internet. In his opinion, both, the governments and the giant platforms are helping to usher the era of the decentralized web, he told Cointelegraph:

“There was a narrative in a popular narrative that the Internet was working pretty well, I think even a few years ago, and I thought that narrative is almost completely gone now. And there’s a lot of things there’s the anti-encryption laws you mentioned or Barack Obama getting hacked on Twitter. <...> So I think that broadly speaking, the more that the tech monopolies abuse their power, the better an argument and clearer an argument there is for a decentralized Web tech.”

Technology platforms like Facebook and Twitter have been criticized simultaneously for censorship and not enough censorship. Kam said that the decentralized

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Co-founder of Arm attacks sale to Nvidia as a ‘disaster’ for UK technology industry

The sale of British chip designer Arm to Nvidia for $40 billion (£31 billion) would be a ‘disaster’ for the UK technology industry and see job loses, Arm co-founder claims.

Hermann Hauser said the sale to the American chip maker would be a ‘disaster for Cambridge, the UK and Europe’ and see the ‘last European technology company with any global relevance sold off to the Americans’.

Arm is best known as the designer of processor chips used in most major smartphones – including both Apple and Samsung devices. 

Nvidia confirmed the deal to buy Arm from Japan’s SoftBank Group on Monday for $40 billion (£31 billion) four years after buying it for $32 billion (£24 billion) in 2016. 

Hauser, who helped spin Arm off from former parent company Acorn Computers in 1990, has urged the UK government to work to block the sale of the British firm. 

Nvidia has pledged

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Relativity co-founder steps aside – SpaceNews

WASHINGTON — One of the two co-founders of launch vehicle company Relativity Space is stepping down as the company’s chief technology officer to create a new startup.

In a series of tweets Sept. 9, Jordan Noone announced he was transitioning from chief technology officer to “executive advisor” at Relativity “in preparation for starting my next venture.” He did not disclose what that new venture was.

Noone and Tim Ellis founded Relativity in 2015 to enter the burgeoning small launch vehicle market. What set the company apart was its embrace of additive manufacturing technologies to produce nearly all the components of the launch vehicle, which the company believes will enable it to produce vehicles more quickly and with less labor than more traditional manufacturing approaches.

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OrCam Technologies co-founder Amnon Shashua to speak at Sight Tech Global

If the measure of progress in technology is that devices should become ever smaller and more capable, then OrCam Technologies is on a roll. The Israeli firm’s OrCam MyEye, which fits on the arm of a pair of glasses, is far more powerful and much smaller than its predecessor. With new AI-based Smart Reading software released in July, the device not only “reads” text and labels but also identifies people by name and describes other important aspects of the visual world. It also interacts with the user, principally people who are blind or visually impaired, by means of an AI-based smart voice assistant.

At the upcoming Sight Tech Global virtual event, we’re pleased to announce that OrCam’s co-founder and co-CEO, Professor Amnon Shashua, will be a featured speaker. The event, which will take place virtually on December 2-3, is focused on how AI-related technologies will influence assistive technology and

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