A Look at New Technology in the CNC Machining Industry

Image by gefrorene_wand from Pixabay

Innovations in Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining present new challenges and new opportunities for manufacturers. Recent developments are changing the game. 

To stay competitive, today’s shop needs to leverage both the technology and the workforce for competitive advantage. Three trends to watch are multi-axis machines, human-machine interface,  and interconnectivity or “smart” machines.

“Right now — as it’s harder and harder to find good programmers and operators of machinery — with manufacturing being on the rise, many companies are looking more to automation and machines with attached robots to help keep up with the pace of the market. 5-axis machinery is still very hot as well and is becoming more and more easily found in standard job shops across the country,” explains Tom Kohm, President & CEO of Premier Equipment, a leading seller of used CNC machines. 

Multi-Axis Machines

The latest CNC  machines support a 4

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