Apple unveils four new iPhone 12 models with 5G: CNBC After Hours

CNBC.com’s MacKenzie Sigalos brings you the day’s top business news headlines. On today’s show, CNBC.com Apple reporter Kif Leswing breaks down the tech giant’s big iPhone 12 reveal, including the implications for the 5G network. Plus, CNBC.com’s Melissa Repko dives into Amazon’s Prime Day event this year, and explains how competitors like Target and Walmart are better positioned than ever to eat (some of) Amazon’s lunch.

Here’s everything Apple just announced at its iPhone 12 event

Apple just wrapped up its big iPhone 12 event, where it announced four new iPhone 12 models, all of which support new faster 5G networks.

It also announced a new smart home speaker, called the HomePod Mini, and some fun accessories for the new iPhones that use magnets to attach to them.

Big-box retailers like Walmart, Target try to beat Amazon on speed by focusing on curbside pickup

As big-box retailers throw their own

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Whistleblower Reveals New Information To House On Facebook-Instagram Deal: CNBC

A congressional report looking into the monopolistic practices of big technology companies has been delayed after the House Judiciary subcommittee on antitrust received new information on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB) acquisition of Instagram, CNBC reported Monday. 

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What Happened: The report has already been delayed twice, once on account of a whistleblower who provided new information on the 2012 Facebook-Instagram deal and the second time on Monday after Republican lawmakers said they wanted to add their input, according to CNBC.


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The findings of the subcommittee are expected to be released after discussions on Republican inputs are concluded.

The nature of the information or details regarding the whistleblower aren’t immediately clear.

Why It Matters: The report, which concludes one year of bi-partisan work by the subcommittee, is the result of an investigation into Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ: GOOGL) (NASDAQ: GOOG), Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL), and Facebook.


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CNBC: Tom Lydon Talks Tech Success Despite Lack Of Clear Trend

Looking at the various events of the week that revolve around the approaching general election, the renewed hopes of a new stimulus package, and now the sudden announcement of President Trump testing positive for Covid-19, there is a lot this could mean for an already volatile market. ETF Trends CEO Tom Lydon spoke with Kelly Evans on CNBC, along with Ron Insana, Senior Advisor to Schroders North America, about the tech space, the lack of a clear trend, and what that could mean, based on current data.

Something notable right off the bat pointed out by Lydon, is how despite the announcement regarding Pres. Trump, the Dow is still positive. It shows how while the stock market is not insensitive, the significant things going on in Washington D.C. are not having as large an effect on the market as the underlying areas.

This indicates that, while close to another earning

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TikTok Sale Imminent, CNBC Says, But New Chinese Tech Export Rules Could Be An Obstacle


  • Beijing has imposing tighter restrictions on certain technology exports
  • China had not made any changes to its technology export list since 2008
  • Trump has demanded that ByteDance divest its U.S.-based TikTok assets

Chinese-owned video sharing app TikTok has selected a buyer for its U.S., New Zealand and Australian assets and may announce a deal on Tuesday, CNBC reported.

However, the Chinese government has created a potential obstacle to efforts by TikTok’s parent internet tech firm ByteDance to sell off these assets to overseas buyers.

Beijing has asserted it can block any such deal to foreign companies by imposing tighter restrictions on certain technology exports. Specifically, the Chinese Commerce Ministry added speech and text recognition – key elements of TikTok’s technology — to a slew of products that will now need government approval prior to their sale to foreign entities.

China had not made any changes to its technology

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