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Wayback Machine and Cloudflare team up to archive more of the Web

Screenshot of the Internet Archive's home page, describing the site as
Enlarge / Screenshot of the Internet Archive’s home page, including the WayBack Machine’s search box.

The Internet Archive and Cloudflare have teamed up to archive the content of websites that use Cloudflare’s Always Online service, increasing the odds that users will be able to view a recent version of a website during outages. The partnership will increase the number of webpages scanned by the Internet Archive, making the organization’s Wayback Machine more useful to Internet users in general.

“Websites that enable Cloudflare’s Always Online service will now have their content automatically archived, and if by chance the original host is not available to Cloudflare, then the Internet Archive will step in to make sure the pages get through to users,” said an announcement by Mark Graham, director of the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine.

Cloudflare says its Always Online feature saves “a limited copy of your cached website to keep it

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The Wayback Machine and Cloudflare Want to Backstop the Web

The web is decentralized and fluid by design, but all that chaos and ephemerality can make it difficult to keep a site up and online without interruption. That’s what has made the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine feature so invaluable over the years, maintaining a history of long-forgotten pages. Now its deep memory will help make sure the sites you visit never go down, through a partnership with the internet infrastructure company Cloudflare.

Since 2010, Cloudflare has offered a feature called Always On, which caches a static version of sites that it can serve to visitors in case of downtime. Always On was one of Cloudflare’s original offerings; John Graham-Cumming, the company’s chief technology officer, says the infrastructure powering it was due to be rearchitected. In thinking about how to modernize it, the team had an idea: Why not use the Wayback Machine, the existing crawling and caching juggernaut, to power

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Cloudflare Blames CenturyLink for Sunday’s Internet Blackout

With Cloudflare down, dozens of popular websites and services went with it.

With Cloudflare down, dozens of popular websites and services went with it.
Screenshot: DownDetector

Widespread internet outages knocked down Cloudflare, the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Amazon, Hulu, and a slew of other sites on Sunday morning, and it’s apparently all because of a single internet service provider: CenturyLink.

Given that Cloudflare’s online security services are designed to keep websites up and running, when it went down, so did dozens of the popular sites and services that rely on it, including Discord, Feedly, and League of Legends. Cloudflare began seeing “an increased level of HTTP 5xx class errors” early Sunday morning, according to the company’s status page. It later tweeted that issues with a “third-party transit provider” were affecting all of Cloudflare’s data centers that use that provider.

CenturyLink confirmed on Twitter that its technicians were working to fix an IP outage, which was resolved shortly before noon.

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