Nick Clegg says lack of EU digital single market has hindered development of European tech giants

  • Facebook’s global policy chief Nick Clegg spoke to EU lawmakers on Wednesday.
  • He touched on a sore point within Europe on why the bloc has no modern equivalent to a Google or a Tencent.
  • Clegg said the reason there hasn’t been a European tech success to rival Facebook or Google is because the EU has failed to create a “digital single market.”
  • He urged lawmakers to focus on this rather than creating new laws to sanction existing tech giants.
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Europe has itself to blame for not producing a Facebook or a Google, according to Facebook’s global policy chief Nick Clegg.

In comments during a video conference with EU lawmakers published in a Facebook blog post, Clegg said the reason Europe has not produced a tech giant to rival US and Chinese tech companies is that the EU has failed to create an overarching

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