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Spin clean-up method brings practical quantum computers closer to reality

Spin clean-up method brings practical quantum computers closer to reality
If the measurement outcome in the quantum circuit is the |0? state, the spin contaminated wave function |?Cont? is projected out onto the spin annihilated one |?Anni?. The rightmost part of the top line denotes the measurement. Credit: Kenji Sugisaki, Kazunobu Sato and Takeji Takui, Osaka City University

Quantum computers are the new frontier in advanced research technology, with potential applications such as performing critical calculations, protecting financial assets, or predicting molecular behavior in pharmaceuticals. Researchers from Osaka City University have now solved a major problem hindering large-scale quantum computers from practical use: precise and accurate predictions of atomic and molecular behavior.

They published their method to remove extraneous information from quantum chemical calculations on Sept. 17 as an advanced online article in Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, a journal of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

“One of the most anticipated applications of quantum computers is electronic structure simulations of

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Cleanup, waste management aren’t enough to save ecosystems from plastic pollution

Sept. 17 (UPI) — Even if countries fund massive cleanup efforts and dramatically improve waste management infrastructure, two studies published Thursday in the journal Science suggest it won’t be enough to save Earth’s ecosystems from plastic pollution.

“We simply make too much plastic waste to handle with current waste management infrastructure, and eventually we are going to run out of land to put landfills,” ecologist Stephanie Borrelle, research fellow at the University of Toronto, told UPI in an email.

Plastic pollution is a growing problem for the planet’s many ecosystems. From the island reefs and deep sea valleys to polar glaciers and the world’s tallest peaks, pieces of plastic, big and small, are showing up everywhere.

And it’s not just ecosystems. Scientists have recovered micro plastics from the intestines of dozens of animals species. Tiny bits of plastic are even showing up in human organs.

Because water works to collect,

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Cleanup in the VPN aisle: Get a year of IPVanish for $39



A VPN might sound like a needlessly technical complication to your home internet connection, but there are a lot of advantages to using one. It affords you greater privacy and security — useful if you’re working from home during the pandemic — and with some simple tweaks, you can appear to be located anywhere on Earth. But VPNs can be pricey and complicated. If you’re looking to set one up for the first time, IPVanish is beginner-friendly and you can currently get a year for just $39 — that’s 73% off. 

You can subscribe to IPVanish on a monthly, annual or quarterly plan, but right now the deal to beat is the annual plan, which is the one marked “Best value” in the middle of the page. Regularly priced at $144, the the annual plan is marked down to $39 right now, which works out to $3.25 per month.

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