How CleanSpark Technology Helps Store Solar Energy In Tesla Batteries

Earlier this year, California began experiencing rolling blackouts due in part to unstable energy supply and demand dynamics, as well as inadequate transmission.

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Benzinga chatted with Matthew Schultz, Chairman at CleanSpark Inc (NASDAQ: CLSK), a disruptive innovator working to create sustainable energy infrastructures.


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About CleanSpark

The larger, “macro-grid” has become antiquated, experiencing problems from generation, transmission, natural disasters and growth. Microgrids, which are collections of energy generation, storage and distribution assets, have become more prevalent of late. The challenges include the difficulties of integrating multiple brands of assets within a single ecosystem.

Founded in 2014, CleanSpark is a microgrid software and services company that improves energy infrastructures using proprietary, data-driven technologies.

In the simplest way possible: CleanSpark enables energy users to obtain resiliency and economic optimization.

“Our core focus is data analytics, software, and intelligent controls,” said Schultz. “According to a recent IBM white

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