Megan Clarken: How I became a CEO without a college degree

  • Megan Clarken is the CEO of Criteo, an internet advertising platform for brands and retailers.
  • As a teenager, Clarken was an Olympic class athlete in track and field, until a serious knee injury ended her hopes of an Olympic career.
  • After this setback, Clarken decided to pursue a career in business, and worked her way up from a computer operator to become chief commercial officer at Nielsen Global Media before joing Criteo.
  • Clarken credits her accomplishments to setting her sights high despite not having a four year degree, and says it’s important to be confident that you can learn and overcome any challenges thrown your way.
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People are quick to assume that as a business leader, I went to college or had some higher tertiary education. The reality is, I didn’t. 

I’m a former Olympic class athlete in track and field. I began

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