New technology helps detect receptors that respond to odor of cigarette smoke

A recent publication in the Journal of Neuroscience by a group of researchers at the University of Kentucky looks at Encoding the Odor of Cigarette Smoke. Tim McClintock, a physiology professor at UK, says their work lays a foundation for two things.

One is basic knowledge of how we tell one smell from another. We call this odor discrimination. The other is blocking the detection of unwanted odors. Cigarette smoke is an unwanted odor due to its general – though relatively mild – offensiveness, and for its clinical significance. The odor of cigarette smoke triggers the desire to smoke in both smokers and reformed smokers. Now that we know the receptors that respond to this odor, we can start to work on blocking them.”

Tim McClintock, Professor, Department of Physiology, University of Kentucky

McClintock says they expect blockers

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