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Former Trump campaign adviser named to senior role at CIA: report

Retired Army Maj. Gen. Bert Mizusawa, a 2016 campaign adviser to President TrumpDonald John TrumpFive takeaways from the vice presidential debate Harris accuses Trump of promoting voter suppression Pence targets Biden over ISIS hostages, brings family of executed aid worker to debate MORE, assumed a role as a senior adviser to the CIA earlier this year, an atypical arrangement for such a position, Politico reported Wednesday.

Mizusawa has worked as a senior adviser for national security technology and business integration since early 2020, the publication reported Wednesday. While presidents frequently appoint political allies to the agency, it is rarely in this particular position, former officials told Politico.

When campaign surrogates are appointed to CIA leadership, it is typically for a position working out of the seventh floor of the agency’s headquarters, such as director, general counsel or deputy director. One former official told Politico an “outsider with no

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CIA Unveils Lab to Focus on In-House Technology Innovation

CIA Seeks to Accelerate Technology Innovation

Long before the CIA launched the new lab, it was focused on driving innovation. The agency sponsors its own venture capital firm, In-Q-Tel. It also has the Directorate of Digital Innovation, charged with accelerating innovation across the agency’s mission activities “with cutting-edge digital and cyber tradecraft and IT infrastructure.”

The agency has been working in recent years to get innovations to scale and become real-world tools. “We also have Digital Futures, which is another organization within DDI,” CIA CIO Juliane Gallina told FedTech earlier this year. “At first, when it was establishing presence, it was very industry-facing, engaging with the whole industry, not just small startups where you conventionally think innovation happens.”

“What I’ve seen in their evolution, which is really cool, is a little bit more of a focus on this idea of ‘crossing the chasm’ — where colloquially, in technology, we say

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When The CIA Tried To Weaponize Lightning

Thunderbolts are traditionally the weapon of the gods, but in 1967 the CIA were wondering whether they too could call down bolts of lightning from the heavens at will.

The idea is contained in a proposal from a scientist, sent to the CIA’s Deputy for Research ‘Special Activities’ and passed on to the chief of the Air Systems division. The scientist’s name has been redacted in the declassified document from the CIA’s archive, but they mention a previous discussion with the CIA, indicating they were being taken seriously.

The guided lightning concept is based on the observation that lightning follows a path of ionized air known as a step leader. Once the leader stroke reaches the ground and makes a circuit, the lightning proper is formed and a current flow, typically around 300 million Volts at 30,000 Amps.

The scientist suggests that artificial leaders could “cause discharges to occur when

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