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AMD launches low-end Ryzen and Athlon processors for Chromebooks

Advanced Micro Devices is launching new Ryzen and Athlon mobile processors that serve as the brains of a new generation of Chromebook web-browsing computers.

These Zen-based mobile processors are aimed at making Chromebooks faster for web browsing, productivity tasks, and multitasking. Acer, Asus, HP, and Lenovo are set to introduce a broad range of entry-level to premium systems using the chips in their upcoming Chromebooks, both for kids learning at home during the pandemic and for home-bound professionals.

While the chips target the low end of the market, AMD is attacking one of Intel’s strongholds in a bid to gain market share. The Ryzen and Athlon processors are up to 178% faster than the previous generation of chips.

“Zen as a core is coming to Chromebook,” said AMD mobile technical lead Robert Halleck in a press briefing. “It seems like every kid has a Chromebook. Chromebooks are doing more attacking

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Chromebooks could become ultra-cheap gaming laptops thanks to Nvidia GeForce Now

Nvidia’s impressive GeForce Now game streaming service is now available as a beta on Chromebooks, allowing these cheap laptops to run some of the most graphically-intensive games in the world – and that could spell bad news for the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Why? Well, rather than splashing out $400 or more on a next-gen console to play titles like Cyberpunk 2077, you’ll be able to play it – with high-end effects like ray tracing – on a cheap Chromebook instead. Nvidia has promised that when Cyberpunk 2077 launches later this year, it will be available to play on launch day on GeForce Now.

While you’ll need a (good) internet connection to use GeForce Now, the potential to turn a humble Chromebook into a gaming device that could put some of the best gaming laptops to shame is very exciting indeed.

GeForce Now is free to join, and you

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