Brain-like computer debuts –

China’s first brain-like computer, dubbed Darwin Mouse [Photo/]

Engineers at Zhejiang University have created China’s first brain-like computer, dubbed Darwin Mouse, that can mimic the way in which a human brain works and tackle complex calculations while using a fraction of the energy used by conventional supercomputers.

Though the technology is still in its infancy, experts say it could be used to run large, real-time simulations and make new discoveries in chemistry, medicine and the neurosciences. It could also be used to revolutionize computer design, leading to more powerful and efficient artificial intelligence.

Weighing only around 1.3 kilograms in the average adult, the human brain is the world’s most compact and efficient supercomputer. It conducts about 1,000 trillion logical operations a second, has theoretically limitless storage, and uses less power than a 20 watt light bulb, according to the Human Brain project, a European research program.

Our brain achieves these

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