As problems persist, Chesterfield fields 1,500 technology support calls during a week of virtual learning | Education

“Today my kid was taking a test and started panicking. I looked over and everything was frozen and nothing worked. We ended up restarting the computer and he was able to get back in. I’m hearing this is happening a lot; families are reaching out to me and teachers are reaching out to me,” School Board member Kathryn Haines said during Monday’s work session.

School Board Chairwoman Debbie Bailey and fellow member Ryan Harter made comments Monday about hearing from families about interruptions during class, primarily through Google Meet, a video communication service.

“No one has gotten into a Google Meet that wasn’t supposed to be there, that wasn’t a CCPS student. Is that correct?” Bailey asked during Monday’s work session.

Brian Jones, executive director of technology, replied, “No, that wouldn’t be correct. There have been instances especially in the beginning, first day or two, where someone would call in

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