Chemist Warehouse putting customers first during its cloud transformation

When Australian pharmacy retailer Chemist Warehouse decided to expand internationally and establish operations in Ireland in 2019, it still relied on its on-premise Microsoft Dynamics AX platform.

But the retailer, which now boasts a network of 500 franchises, realised to operate efficiently on a global scale and to further cement international expansion plans, it needed to move to a cloud-based platform.

According to Chemist Warehouse CIO Jules Cardinale, this has meant gradually transitioning the company to Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 ERP platform.

“This transformation will ensure that all of our international franchises would operate on one platform, solving for any operational barriers, no matter their location,” he told ZDNet.

“This will allow us to consistently manage and maintain the various systems across the world using best practice infrastructure with greater availability, scalability, and cost effectiveness than what our on-prem solution could afford us.”

Cardinale pointed out how Chemist Warehouse has been

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