Xbox Responds To PS5 Teardown Video With Cheeky Tweet, Then Deletes It

A PS5 official teardown video walked us through some ins and outs of the upcoming console, including how to install its expandable storage. One part addressed how to convert the stand from its horizontal to a vertical configuration, prompting a cheeky response from Microsoft.

In the video, converting the stand seems to take some mild tinkering: unscrewing the stand from the vertical position, placing a plug piece in the hole, and then clipping the stand into the new horizontal configuration. The PS5 console design itself is curved, which necessitates the flat stand part to make it stable.

Meanwhile, the Xbox Series X is, well, a box. Microsoft jumped on the opportunity to poke fun at its competition with a how-to tweet–except the process is just turning the console on its side. Because it’s a box.

The tweet focused on the Xbox Series X, but the Series S has a similarly

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