An anti-racism checklist: Supporting Black employees in tech

Any Black candidate, employee, or founder in tech can tell you how much anti-racism work still needs to be done in the industry. Eighty-three percent of tech executives are white, while only 7.4% of all tech employees are Black. Less than 1% of venture capital funding goes to Black startup founders. But the statistics alone aren’t enough to illustrate these issues. Even if a person of color beats the odds and gets a job in tech, they face bias within the workplace.

While working as one of the top technical engineers in an organization, I was called into a program manager’s office to fix a technical problem that had stumped everyone else. When I entered his office, the manager looked at me, immediately mistook me for the janitor, and began giving instructions for rearranging his furniture.

I had already established myself as a top technical engineer at organizations like the

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