Indian fact checking site NewsMobile with US varsity startup FakeNetAI Win IFCN-Facebook Global Innovation Challenge

New Delhi [India], September 29 (ANI): NewsMobile along with its technology partner FakeNetAI, a startup at the University of California, Berkeley, has won a global innovation challenge for their collaborative project, which detects the usage of deep fake technology on social media platforms.
NewsMobile, which is a Facebook Fact-Checking partner for India, is the only organization from Asia to have won the coveted innovation challenge in the second round of the Fact-Checking Innovation Initiative.
The initiative is a joint project of the Facebook Journalism Project and the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) at the Poynter Institute and aims to support innovation projects, new formats, and technologies that will help benefit the broader global fact-checking ecosystem.
“Detect and Debunk Malicious Deepfakes”, the joint project between NewsMobile and FakeNetAI has been awarded a USD 99,000 grant. They are among the five winners chosen from a list of 64 proposals and will split a

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