The Cheapskate Show podcast: The best free Microsoft Office alternatives



Here’s a shocker (not): Dave pays for Microsoft Office! Why, Dave, why?! There are so many totally free alternatives that can get the job done. So here’s the question: Should you stop paying for Microsoft Office and use a free suite instead? We shared the scoop on some of our favorites.

Elsewhere in the show, we talked about (OK, slobbered over) the new Oculus Quest 2, a VR headset that could finally take the technology mainstream. It has twice the resolution of the first version, it’s $100 cheaper and you can preorder yours right now.

We also talked to Raise CEO Jay Klauminzer about Slide, a new cash-back service that earns you money whether you’re making purchases online or in the real world.

Finally, if foggy specs are your nemesis when you don your COVID-19 mask, we’ve got you covered with anti-fog sprays for your eyeglasses

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