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Best Buy Early Black Friday Deals Are Live Now: Cheap Games, 4K TVs, Headsets, And More

The wait is over–Amazon Prime Day 2020 is officially live, but you don’t have to be a Prime subscriber or even shop at Amazon to get amazing deals today. That’s because this has effectively become a precursor to Black Friday, and competing retailers are getting in on the action with steep discounts on games and tech this week. Best Buy is one of those retailers running a big anti-Prime Day sale of its own, and it made the biggest move we’ve ever seen to compete with Amazon by announcing its first Black Friday deals will go live this week.

Select deals from Best Buy’s Black Friday ad have gone live today, and they feature fantastic discounts on laptops, tablets, and 4K smart TVs along with Arcade1Up cabinets. Notably, you can buy a Samsung 70-inch 4K smart TV for $530, down from its usual $750–just in time for next-gen gaming. There’s

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3 “Expensive” Stocks That Are Historically Cheap

Whether you’ve been investing for a few months or multiple decades, it’s been a buckle-up-and-hold-on sort of year. We’ve watched as the S&P 500 set records for the fastest bear market decline in history, as well as the quickest rebound to fresh highs from a bear market low. If anything, 2020 has been a reminder that trying to time the market is fruitless.

This wild year for equities could also represent a coming-out party for value stocks. Historically speaking, value stocks outperform growth stocks during periods of economic expansion, which is where the U.S. economy appears headed.

However, this doesn’t mean that investors should ignore stocks that are perceived as expensive. While many pricey stocks will remain so for the foreseeable future, a trio of fundamentally expensive stocks are actually historically cheap, provided you don’t use the price-to-earnings ratio as your sole measure of value.

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7 Cheap Tech Stocks With Big Upside

Analysts believe these seven tech stocks are currently cheap.

While the market has whipsawed up and down over the course of 2020, tech stocks have steadily climbed to new highs. It makes sense that companies that rely on internet connections and cloud technology rather than brick-and-mortar locations have done particularly well this year, and as the pandemic continues to keep people at home, these tech companies should continue to thrive. While many big names in the technology sector have hit all-time highs, there are still plenty of tech stocks with major upside left. This is especially true for companies helping businesses continue operations via the cloud, keeping consumers connected or manufacturing communications technology — all essential services during the pandemic. Analysts believe the following names are seven cheap tech stocks with huge upside going forward.

Box (ticker: BOX)

Companies around the world have been forced to figure out remote work

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Got $5,000? These 2 Dividend Stocks Are Cheap Buys Today

After a rough September, during which the S&P 500 fell 4%, October seems like a great time for investors to scoop up some deals. And whether you’re looking to boost your returns or just love to watch money flow into your portfolio every quarter, dividend stocks can be attractive investments. 

Got $5,000? These 2 Dividend Stocks Are Cheap Buys Today

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Got $5,000? These 2 Dividend Stocks Are Cheap Buys Today

Shares of Gilead Sciences (NASDAQ: GILD) and Kraft Heinz (NASDAQ: KHC) were both down more than 5% last month, making their dividend yields more attractive in the process. The stocks couldn’t be more different — Gilead is a biotech company with high hopes for its COVID-19 treatment and Kraft controls dozens of grocery store staple brands. Here’s a look at why both of these discount buys are worth adding to your portfolio this month.

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Pink piggy bank, stacks on coins, and
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Stock picks to buy, cheap alternatives to big tech: Morgan Stanley

  • Morgan Stanley says new technologies are feeding into a surge in productivity that will help the economy for years.
  • Strategist Adam Virgadamo says the pandemic will speed up that change, and investors don’t have to buy tech stocks to reap the rewards. 
  • He’s compiled a list of innovators that have been outperforming and look like they will continue to do based on their strategies and investments in their businesses.
  • Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories.

New technology has permeated so many industries and transformed business. But when investors want long-term growth, they’re mostly buying the same mega-cap tech stocks.

That’s stayed true even as some experts have warned about the sky-high prices of those same stocks, raising the spectre of the dot-com bubble 20 years ago and the dominance of a handful of giant stocks that hit record levels.

Whether there’s a bubble or not, Adam Virgadamo, a US

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New Chromecast works as a cheap but unsupported xCloud streamer

Google’s new Chromecast can run Microsoft’s xCloud if you’re prepared to sideload the game streaming service, The Verge can confirm. The functionality was previously demonstrated over on Reddit by u/kiddj55, and we’ve since been able to install the Xbox Game Pass app on our own hardware and access cloud streaming to play Gears of War 5.

a video game remote control: The new Chromecast includes both a dongle and remote.

© Google
The new Chromecast includes both a dongle and remote.

Much like Google’s Stadia game streaming service which also works, xCloud isn’t yet officially supported on Google’s new hardware. That means you’ll have to sideload xCloud if you want to install it. The process involves finding an APK for the Xbox Game Pass app online, finding a way to transfer it to your dongle (here’s a guide from Android Police on doing exactly that), and then change the Chromecast settings to allow apps installs from “Unknown Sources.”

The lack of official support

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Blackstone CEO Schwarzman says investors can buy both pricey tech and cheap stocks that haven’t yet rebounded

FILE PHOTO: 2019 World Economic Forum (WEF) annual meeting in Davos

  • Blackstone CEO Stephen Schwarzman said investors can buy both expensive technology companies right now and companies that have not yet rebounded. 
  • “Not all companies have recovered their valuations,” the billionaire co-founder said. “So it gives you a chance to play some technology things … and it also is possible to buy some other companies that haven’t yet rebounded to the same degree.” 
  • Schwarzman said that the rapidly growing “digital revolution” will continue to support technology companies.

Blackstone CEO Stephen Schwarzman said both expensive technology companies and companies that have not yet rebounded are attractive investments in a panel at the CNBC Institutional Investor Delivering Alpha Conference on Wednesday.

The billionaire co-founder said that while a lot of technology stocks are trading at “very high valuations,” they can still be good investments because the world is rapidly becoming

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Priority Technology Holdings – Cheap Growth Story With Attractive Upside (NASDAQ:PRTH)

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Source: Self-created

Investment Thesis

PRTH is the 11th largest merchant acquirer in the US, trades cheap to comps, has returned to growth, and potentially has 2-3x upside from current prices. Many of the headwinds have been cycled and as the market realizes the story should converge to comps.

Situation Overview

PRTH has had a challenging 2 years with a damaging change in Mastercard e-commerce standards, accounting revision, and COVID. Since then, multiple things in the story have now changed that deserve a 2nd look. First, the company grew organically and cycled MA/V related subscription e-commerce changes in 4Q. Second, they hired a

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Great cheap accessories for all Apple Watch models

Are you the proud preorderer of a new Apple Watch Series 6? Maybe you pulled the trigger on a discounted Series 5 or opted for the Series 3 with the more attractive $199 price tag. (Actually, the latter is currently on sale starting at $169.) Whatever the case, it’s natural to think your next stop is the Apple Store — where else to stock up on watch bands, wireless earbuds, charging docks and other accessories?

Those things are definitely worth having, but Apple charges a hefty premium. Thankfully, there are excellent affordable alternatives, many of them listed below. I’ve tried some of these myself; others I’m including based on user reviews or other factors. Note that my use of “cheap” here isn’t meant to indicate product quality, but rather price. I’ll update this list periodically.

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Growth to Go with 2 Cheap Classic Tech Stocks

a close up of text on a black background: Chart showing the S&P 500 Index Price to Earnings (P/E), Price to Sales (P/S) & Price to Book (P/B) from 2015 to 2020.

© Source: S&P 500 Index Price to Earnings (P/E), Price to Sales (P/S) & Price to Book (P/B) — Source: …
Chart showing the S&P 500 Index Price to Earnings (P/E), Price to Sales (P/S) & Price to Book (P/B) from 2015 to 2020.

Investing in growth stocks has become very challenging in September. The big, modern names in technology, along with all of the indexed investments and ETFs that track them, have all had some bigger down days. And the “buy now for future performance” argument is getting really tough to swallow, as valuation metrics for the big tech sector are very inflated.

The S&P 500 Index is, of course, significantly more tech weighted at 27.86%, so the big tech stocks are the driver for the index. And as a result, the index — even with the sell-off so far in September — still is at multi-year highs in

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