Cops Chased a Tesla Model S That Appeared to Have No One in It

Highway police in the Canadian province of Alberta chased a Tesla Model S that appeared to have no one in it. But when they eventually got to look inside, they saw two occupants apparently fast asleep, with the seats fully reclined.

The incident occurred in July, with police announcing charges on Thursday, September 17.

As the cops approached the vehicle from behind, its speed was clocked at 140 kmh (87 mph). After switching on the patrol car’s emergency lights, the Model S then sped up to 150 kmh (93 mph), 40 kmh faster than the speed limit for that stretch of road.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police sergeant Darrin Turnbull told CBC News said he was speechless when he saw what was happening, adding, “Nobody appeared to be in the car.”

Explaining why the Model S sped up when the police car turned on its lights, Turnbull said it appeared to

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